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Welcome   to   Dragon   Sprinklers,   your   first   stop   for   domestic and residential fire sprinkler advice.
Telephone: 01554 562362 Email: dragonsprinklers@mail.com
We   can   design,   install,   commission   and   service   domestic   and residential     fire     sprinkler     systems     to     the     current     British Standard     for     domestic     and     residential     fire     suppression systems,   BS   9251:2014.   We   mainly   cover   south   and   west Wales,   but   can   work   with   you   where   ever   your   project   maybe in the UK.    We    offer    fire    sprinkler    systems    designed    to    your    needs, whether    it    is    for    a    new    build    property,    conversion    of    an existing   building   to   a   dwelling   or   flats   or   a   fire   engineered solution,   for   example   an   open   plan   ground   floor   layout   with   a loft   conversion.   We   could   offer   you   the   design   solution   you are looking for.
NEWS From   January   1 st    2016   in   Wales,   all   new   build   dwellings   and dwellings    formed    from    material    change    of    use    under    the Building     Regulations     will     be     required     to     have     a     fire suppression system installed to satisfy the regulations.
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Dragon Sprinklers Ltd. 2016